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Our high quality Xenon HID conversion kits are all covered by a one-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects, in which a manufacturer-defective part, in the kit ( The HID xenon lamps, Ballsts as well as the other accessories) and within the warranty period will be replaced at no additional charge with a similar product.


The warranty is void if the cause of damage or failure is due to abuse, neglect, improper installation, and use other than the intended use or application, accidents or natural disasters.


All bulbs are tested and burned-in by the manufacturer prior to delivery.


Exclusions: This Limited Warranty specifically excludes defects resulting from water damage, fire, chemical spillage, acts of nature, misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification, improper installation, submersion, vehicle crash, dropping or by any other type of impact. ANY modification to the system and components, or operating on a vehicle with a defective headlight housing, will automatically void the warranty. 


Repair and Replacement: If our HID conversion kits (The HID xenon bulbs and ballasts as well as the other accessories) is suspected of being defective, the customers should send the proof of purchase as well as the products back to our company. The retured product will be inspected by our technicians. If the product is found to be defective and covered by this limited warranty,we will replace the product one for one and we will bear the cost of sending the product back for you.



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